Costumer in Quarantine

Dressing for Trouble

As modern-day peasants, we have more access to information–and misinformation–than Shakespeare and his contemporaries could have dreamed of. If we are able to distinguish between the two, we have the power to make some really good trouble.

Taking a break from Sewing

One of the things I have enjoyed during the months of quarantine is having time to work on craft projects which have little or nothing to do with sewing. I love miniatures, and was finally able to finish this 1:24 scale room for a friend. It’s my imagining of a dorm room from a particular…

A costumer without theater

Hello. I am a costume designer for theater and dance, and it’s been six months since my last show. I usually live my life alternating between pushing to finish shows on time, and crashing when I have a break. Then Covid-19 put a stop to all that. I had four shows in process when the…

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